Friday, October 9, 2009

Miss Acrobat

Summer is at her happiest when she is on the gymnastics mat, anytime, anywhere. Lately she has been making new strides with her tumbling skills. For the past two years ever since starting taking gymnastics she always had to have her coach holding her hand while walking across the high (really high!) balance beam. This week she walked across all by herself. After she got down, she ran to me, and gave me this biggest hug. I love it when her face brightens when she accomplishes something she worked so hard. David had an extra long 4 by 4 posts left from the deck construction, he put it down on the grass near the playset so that Summer could practice walking back and forth. I think that has paid off. Another "I did it!" was climbing up the rope. The coach would hold the bottom of the rope with the her hand on Summer's feet helping her up. But this time, she was on her own. I was reading at that moment, and when I looked up, I almost screamed at the sight of Summer's hands and legs all holding on the rope midair all by herself. I will have to get used to it, somehow. If I turn away just for one second, she's onto something new.