Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Farm

A friend of mine told me about this farm. Fun and educational, the perfect combination. When I saw the kids' faces with excitement when I showed them the website about the farm, sold! Forrest could not stop talking about the train ride. We packed our bags for the weekend out of town, leaving David behind at home to focus on the deck construction. When we got to the farm, the kids were entertained nonstop for three straight hours, my perfect agenda for a Saturday. Forrest's favorite part was, of course, the train ride. He was in train heaven going around and around twice. I loved seeing him smile from ear to ear. Summer, being the avid gymnast she is, loved the hay jump. There is an endless pile of hay and you can really jump around like on a trampoline. It took the kids less than a minute to make their this year's pumpkin pick. I was relieved they picked small ones so I could haul all three of them back myself. The best part was being with the two of them, seeing their eyes filled with wonder and happiness. Being alone with two preschoolers, my camera was a challenge. It is a learning curve. To my little pumpkins, 
i love love love being your mommy.