Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Forrest

I was rushing to get my little Forrest home for his nap today. I hurried upstairs, laid him in his bed and closed the door. This nap time of his is also precious time for me to get things done around the house. I got downstairs and heard Forrest crying. He was crying out saying, "Mommy, Mommy". When I rock Forrest I hold him and sing, "Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, Summer loves you..." He loves it. When he is sad, he says "Mommy, Mommy" which means, "Mama, hold me like a baby and sing to me". These little ones really make you get your priorities straight. The laundry can pile up, the dishes can wait, the house can fall apart but what is most important, (which Forrest reminded me of today) is this blink of time that I have with my little kids. I went back into his room and he had a puffy face wet with tears and was standing next to his bed waiting for me. I held him in my arms and rocked him like a baby and sang to him our little song. I know someday I am going to really miss this time. I feel like it is falling through my fingers each day and I wish I could just slow down the clock. I love motherhood and Forrest reminded me today just what a blessing it is to be a mom... his mom.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hearing Aid

When David and I woke up this morning, we were greeted by an usually happy Summer in our bathroom. As she watched us putting our hearing aids on, she commanded, "When I get older, I want a Cinderella hearing aid!" David and I tried not to laugh as we were lost for words. Everything in her little world has to be Cinderelly-theme, and the fact that she wanted a hearing aid just like her mommy and daddy was just beyond precious.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Last Thursday Summer spotted a beautiful caterpillar, which lead us to talking about the book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Summer was a bit resistant to holding it, even not touching it. After Auntie Hope, my friend Leigh (both visiting that evening for dinner), David, and myself showing Summer how precious caterpillars are by each one of us taking turns to hold it, we hoped Summer would warm up. We spent about a good 30 minutes talking about how it feels when the caterpillar crawls, a bit tickle-ish and how they don't bite - one of Summer's greatest fears. Finally Summer mustered up the courage to touch it. I was so proud of her! After a few minutes of petting the caterpillar, she finally decided to hold it! Then Summer accidentally dropped the caterpillar, it crawled fine, but then Forrest walked by (with his helmet on from biking around on the driveway while this whole caterpillar event was happening) stepped on the caterpillar. Yes. Oh my. My heart just went out. And seeing Summer full in tears just made my heart feel very heavy. She was really attached to this little caterpillar. After some hugging and some calming down, I explained that the caterpillar is in a happy place. She had a hard time comprehending that statement. That night, Forrest felt so bad when he started to understand what was happening. He got out of his bed after we did our bedtime routine, came downstairs. I found him on the bottom steps, frowning, signing "Caterpillar"? As if he understood what he did. After some simple explaining that it was an accident and not his fault, he was able to settle down and sleep. The next day Summer saw another caterpillar and immediately said, "It's all better! its in a happy place!" She quickly warmed up to the little caterpillar and picked it up right away, and said she wanted to "place it in a safe place far away from Forrest." Now Forrest is more aware and is very careful when he sees a bug or a caterpillar. That night we read the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and every time the kids see a butterfly they say, "it came from the caterpillar!"

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny hid lots of candy filled eggs in our backyard. All the brightly colored eggs looked so pretty in the grass and bushes that I almost didn't want the kids to gather them up. I really need to use our video camera because my favorite part was listening to them scream with glee each time they discovered a hidden egg. Summer's basket got so heavy that I had to carry it around for her. It was so sweet to watch Summer helping Forrest by showing him where the eggs were hidden. Forrest only liked the eggs with chocolate in them and Summer only liked the jelly bean filled eggs. As soon as the hunt was over they went through their eggs and swapped for their favorites. Needless to say, our home is brimming with candy. I let the kids eat candy all day long. Literally. Chocolate for breakfast? Sure! A jelly bean snack? Why not?! Oh, how I love Easter.

Beach Day

I'm excited about taking the kids to the beach this summer now that Forrest is walking, not scooting! The last time we went, Forrest had a really bad sand rash on his little bottom. It is so much fun at their age, and we can just hop in the car, stop by the bagel shack on the way to the beach to pick up their faves and just enjoy the moment together. So grateful for the beach being close by.

Children's Museum

Every Tuesday we head over to the Children's Museum for their weekly cooking class. Summer and Forrest absolutely love going. They always ask, "What are we cooking today" when I tell them that morning where we are going. Last week they made "monkey mix" and this week they did an Easter theme of deviled eggs and fruit cider punch. Summer has this huge amount of patience to wait until the cooking is done to eat the final product, however Forrest does not. He has to eat whatever is place in front of him at that moment.

Monday, April 6, 2009

LIttle Gardener

I helped Mommy plant some flowers today and I've discovered I love this pitcher.

Mommy, what else can I water...?


I'll just play with water...

Splashing and clapping...

Got some water on my face...

Hey, Summer... come back and play some more with me! Fill me up some more water.


Mommy, I go outside and mow with Daddy...?

Awwww... come on. I love watching Daddy mow.

I guess I will have to wait til I am a bit older.

This boy would stand there all day just to watch Daddy mow if he could. He has to see Daddy every where he goes, sides, front, back of the house...