Thursday, March 31, 2011


There is one perk to having an injured child. Just one, but it's a good one. When they're hurt, they're extra cuddly. Summer is a sweet child but she's also busy, busy, busy. She got badly hurt a few days ago. Now all she wants to do is snuggle. It's super hard when iIm trying to get dinner going or like this morning when I was getting Forrest out the door to preschool and making his lunch -- Summer just literally sat on my lap and cried, cried with pain. I held her and it was so sad. I wish I could make her feel better. I did get Forrest off to school and came right back home - got Summer out of the car and back in my arms and headed upstairs to do my job - aka keeping this house organized. It's never ending but at least I have my sidekick.

Super Glue and Other Important Topics...

The klutz bug has hit our home. I have escaped so far but both my kids have had their turn with accidents. I have had some awesome experiences with super glue, band aids, peroxide, antibiotic ointment and ice packs but I'll spare you the details.

It was unreal. Last week Forrest fell down on the driveway while playing superhero with his cape and scraped his forehead, nose and knees. There was so much blood that I couldn't even take his clothes inside to the laundry room for fear of the mess just getting there. I ended up washing his clothes right on the driveway. It didn't stop there. Monday Summer ran into the family room, lost her balance and fell really hard. She hit her chin right on the desk chair. There was a deep cut on her chin that a simple band aid would not do the job. I knew right away that she needed stitches. I scooped her up, loaded her in the car and went straight to the emergency room. I did not even bother getting our coats or the kids' shoes. The doctor was able to closed up her deep 2-inch wide cut with super glue. Amazing.

A lady I had never met before stopped us in the doctor's office while checking in and said, "Oh sweetie -- I've been there. How are you holding up?" It was so nice of her. Really nice. I wanted to start crying but just then Forrest threw his arms up wanting me to hold him with Summer on my hip. All I could do was start laughing and I said, "They don't pay me enough."

What else can you do but laugh? And for the record -- washing, peroxiding, washing, re-peroxiding, and washing clothes a hundred times one week should earn you an advanced degree or at the very least an award of some sort. I'm going to look into that.

I think we're on the mend but it's been one of those weeks for me.

With Summer home recovering, Forrest was actually quite excited about going to preschool this morning. He kept saying, "Meeeee schooooool!" I was rushing to get him into the car with no intention of a photo in mind and he said, "I'm cute! You can take a picture of me if you want to, mama." I was in a hurry and already in the car but I told myself he really needed his picture taken. So this one's for my Forrest - heading out the door on his way to preschool with his silly fish face.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pure Love

I went in to check on Forrest during his quiet time and found him just like this. He had opened the shutters and thrown all of his blankets off the bed. Adorable. I love him so, so much.

My sweet, sweet Forrest. I love being your mom.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy and Summer Time

Today I dropped Forrest off at preschool and took Summer to the beach for some much needed "Mommy and Summer time". I worked on some things for my class and Summer played in the sand. She loves the beach. This is the beach that I grew up going to almost every summer. It was so fun to watch her play in the sand and walk on the pier that I loved so much when I was her age. It was a really fun morning.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I loaded up the kids in the car and drove 6 hours to Asheville this week for a few days. It was heavenly.  A much needed break for all of us. The best part was surprising my mom. David had to work so I had both kids to entertain. Our rooms were overlooking Cold Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I grew up with these views and appreciate them more now than ever.  My parents made everything easy.  The kids had a blast complete with a tire swing (Summer's favorite), the playhouse (Forrest's favorite), feeding the horses (Summer's favorite) and swimming at an indoor pool (Forrest's favorite). My mom and I stood outside with jackets on while the kids played. It was COLD outside. They watched lots of movies and just had fun together. I loved hanging out with my parents and that my kids were with their grandparents. It was a perfect way to spend spring break.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This morning I heard some yelling coming from the shower. I went in to find Forrest in his swim goggles shampooing his hair, yelling "This is awesome!!" He does NOT like getting shampoo in his eyes and figured this little trick out on his own. Hilarious. I don't know what was cuter... how he looked or his pure joy and excitement. It made my day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Airplane Sandwich

Yesterday Forrest was grumpy. I mean, really grumpy. I was trying to get him to preschool and he was just not cooperating. Everything was going wrong in his opinion and he was completely irrational. He hated his breakfast, his shoes were itchy, his pants were too long, the snack I packed was gross, he thought Summer was being mean, it was just one of those days. I put him into the car and he was still grumpy. I finally pulled the car over, turned around and said, "Forrest. what's going on today. You can tell me." He crossed his arms, pouted his mouth and said, "You really want to know?  Are you sure? Cause I'll tell you." I reassured him that yes, I REALLY wanted to know. He looked at me, started crying and said, "You NEVER, EVER make me airplane sandwich!"


I couldn't help but smile (which didn't help things) because I had NO IDEA where that thought was coming from. He has never in his life asked for airplane sandwich. I would make it for him (with some creativity) but it's just never come up. It was so random. So I said, "Oh that IS pretty sad. Ok, I'll make you a deal, if you calm down and bring the happy Forrest back I'll make you airplane sandwich tomorrow for lunch." It worked. He was then totally fine. His 3-year old mind was relieved.

And guess what my Forrest got for lunch this afternoon... airplane sandwich.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Summer is spending the majority of her winter in the swimming pool. She is on the Barracuda Swim Team and loves every minute of it. She goes to swim practice 2 nights a week. As soon as I tell her it's time for swimming, she jumps into her suit and is ready to go. She LOVES it. She has so much fun swimming which is cute to watch. I am so happy that she has found something she loves.