Monday, February 16, 2009

Supergirl & Roaring 20s

Summer and Forrest have begun to play together a lot lately from playing dress-up to hide and seek. I think now the development gap between is coming closer and they are able to have more conversations which sometimes cracks us up. The kids went to two birthday parties this past weekend and one of the themes was Super Hero (from the incredibles movie) so they loved to run around pretending they were to save the world.

David & Porch

David got all the joints in on one half side of the porch this past weekend. David hopes to finish the other half this week in order to put on the decking wood on top. Summer loves to help her daddy by being a little cheerleader and shoveling some dirt. She likes to take lots of breaks. David has had two huge detours with having to re-route the sewer pipes since they were in the way of the posts so that set him back two long weekends to fix that. With that taken care of, things should be a smooth sailing *crossing fingers* to getting the project completed before hiring the roofers.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Snow Day

We were in for a real surprise with about an inch of snow this morning! Here are a couple of photos of the kids playing in the snow. Summer loved eating the snow and Forrest went sliding on the playground.

Kure Beach

We spent the Super Bowl weekend at kure beach again this year with David's parents, Grandma & Baba. It was not as warm as last year but the kids got plenty of sand time. It was the perfect place to relax, and spend time with the family. We ate a lot of meals out on the deck with the ocean views, read books lounging around the deck and just be together. David was thrilled to be able to go out mountain biking each day and even was brave enough to go in the ocean with his wet suit! Baba cooked most of the meals and it was all delicious! Thank you Grandma & Baba for the wonderful visit.