Monday, April 28, 2014

Egg Hunt

The egg hunt in the backyard was cute. They were each trying to find "their own eggs", the ones with their initials. Summer was sweet and helped Forrest find his eggs. 
Their faces show exactly how excited they were.

Easter Morning

Before the kids went to bed on "Easter Eve", they put out carrots for the Easter Bunny. Forrest was contemplating what beverage to leave for the bunny. He couldn't decide between milk, water or juice. After thoughtful contemplation he decided water would be the best. In keeping with tradition, the kids also got to put on their Easter Pajamas.
Early in the morning both of them rushed into our bedroom to wake us up so they could go downstairs. It really is the most adorable thing to watch them be so excited about finding out what the bunny has left for them. Summer was screaming with excitement when she saw that the carrots had been nibbled at and the water was gone. The kids each found their baskets. The Easter Bunny left them lots of foil wrapped chocolate eggs, jelly beans, peeps, a milk chocolate bunny for each of them, pez (of course!) sunglasses and a few other little prizes. They were thrilled.

Happy Easter

We had a very happy Easter. It had been raining for days leading up to Easter Day. The kids were so worried the Easter Bunny wouldn't deliver in the rain. I had David take our picture under the front porch before we headed to church. Summer's dress looked cuter without her little cardigan but she INSISTED on wearing one since I had one on. She wanted to be just like me.

I have more pictures from our morning. We had an early morning egg hunt and ate lots and lots of chocolate for breakfast. It was perfect.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

David's 50th birthday (6 months late)

David celebrated turning 50 last November...
50 has never looked so good!

In many respects he looks younger than 50. He is an incredible husband and father and there's no on else I'd rather journey through this life with. He's the most kind and loving person I know. He is good to his core. I'm so happy he's ours.

His birthday fell on the same week as Thanksgiving so everyone had plans and couldn't make it to join us to celebrate his 50th birthday. I was a bit bummed about it. I decided to make this video. The kids and I have been working on it for a while. There were soo many pictures to choose from, so these are some of our favorites. I can't help but tear up every time I watch it.
Happy Birthday to David! Here's to many many more years with my David.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Forrest has a little dog pillow pet. He names it Ruff. The most important part of his Ruff is the little strap on the side that has the velcro on it. That strap is like GOLD. When he sleeps at night he has to put his head on Ruff and then he holds the strap. Every morning he walks into our bedroom in his jammies dragging Ruff. When we go downstairs for breakfast - Ruff gets dragged down the stairs. I have to make sure when I wash his pillow pet that it is dry by the time it's bedtime. One of these nights I'm going to sneak in his room and get a picture of him with him sleeping and holding on to that velcro strap.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Locks of Love

I don't get to our family blog as much as I would like to these days. As the kids get older my spare moments are fewer and fewer. Summer decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love. This girl has a heart of gold. She loves her new hair 'do. I have lots of pictures but just enough time to post this one taken right before she got her hair cut. I can't wait to show the afters. I seem to take the lazy route and post on Instagram more frequently than here where I should be posting for our "family scrapbook". My goal is to get back to my real camera and be better about documenting my kids so that they have pictures to put with their memories as they grow older.