Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Morning

Before the kids went to bed on "Easter Eve", they put out carrots for the Easter Bunny. Forrest was contemplating what beverage to leave for the bunny. He couldn't decide between milk, water or juice. After thoughtful contemplation he decided water would be the best. In keeping with tradition, the kids also got to put on their Easter Pajamas.
Early in the morning both of them rushed into our bedroom to wake us up so they could go downstairs. It really is the most adorable thing to watch them be so excited about finding out what the bunny has left for them. Summer was screaming with excitement when she saw that the carrots had been nibbled at and the water was gone. The kids each found their baskets. The Easter Bunny left them lots of foil wrapped chocolate eggs, jelly beans, peeps, a milk chocolate bunny for each of them, pez (of course!) sunglasses and a few other little prizes. They were thrilled.