Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swim, Swim

My little kids love the water. If we could be at a pool or at the beach from sun up to sun down, they would be happy (as long as Forrest gets a nap in there somewhere). Forrest loves for me to hold him tight against me and spin with him with his little legs making the water splash. Summer, on the other hand, is a much more demanding customer. She loves the "dolphin" and begs me to do it with her every time we are at the pool. She hops on my back, holds her little hands tightly around my neck and we swim around with her bobbing up and down on my back. She LOVES it. Summer and Forrest also played non stop with their daddy in the water. The kids kept yelling, "cannon ball!" And then would jump to David. I loved watching him with both kids in the water. He is a good daddy. I adore all three of them. I am excited for summer classes and swim camp to be done so we can have a lot more days just like this. I also can't wait to take my kids on more dolphin rides this summer. I hope what they remember the most is how much I LOVE spending time with them.