Monday, June 14, 2010


Before I had Summer, I was a teacher. I loved, loved, loved it. Such a fun and rewarding job. At the end of the day all of the moms and dads would stand outside my classroom window and wait for me to open the door to let their little ones out. As much as I loved being in the classroom (I really did... and am so grateful I now have the opportunity to teach part time at an university), a part of me was also envious of all the mommies on the other side of that glass. I wanted to be a mother. As far back as I can remember, I have always yearned for this... even as a little girl I would hold my baby dolls and pretend they were real. I know it is not like this for lots of women but it has always been true for me. There are many days I feel overwhelmed and feel just worn out from the day in and day out routines of this whole mom business. However, I have actually never felt that what I am doing is in vain or not of importance. Often, I feel like I can't stand to unload that darn dishwasher one more time, clean up after the kids or deal with a child's tantrum. It gets old, BUT I do feel blessed that I have always felt in my heart of hearts the importance of my role as a mother. There is NOTHING I would rather be doing in this life than being Summer and Forrest's mom. I whisper in their little ears daily how much I love being their mommy. I want them to not only hear those words but to feel those words in their hearts. It is true and for this blessing, I am so thankful. With a husband like David, my job of being a mom is made much easier. He has always made me feel appreciated and loved. This I am so thankful for.