Monday, March 1, 2010

great wolf lodge

my parents were so thoughtful and planned a fun overnight trip for our ayyam-i-ha celebration again this year. we went and stayed at the great wolf lodge near charlotte. it's hard to believe that just last year we went there when our kids were one and three, neither of them would let go of our hands. here we are just one year later and i saw forrest going down the slide by himself for the first time. i love getting together with my family. i love that my kids were able to spend time with their grandparents. we ate a lot, played a lot, ate some more, swam a lot, shopped at ikea and caught up on each others' lives. i even loved the 4 hour drive. we left late so our kids would sleep the whole way. david and i had 4 hours uninterrupted time together to just talk. that was a treat in itself. our whole getaway was less than 36 hours but it was well worth it. life came at us really fast the next morning with preschool and work and hasn't stopped since but i wouldn't change that part either. a big thank you to my parents!