Monday, July 18, 2011

First Day, First Grade

The traditional front porch photo before rushing into the car to make it before the bell rang. Can you tell she's excited? I took Summer shopping last week to pick out school shoes to add on to her school uniform. She saw these boat shoes with pink plaids on the sides and it was a done deal.

The picture above was a candid moment I caught between Summer and her daddy before she hopped in the car headed for school this morning. He was whispering how much he loved her and telling her to have a great first day of school. I tear up just looking at that photo. It really is unreal how much love you have as a parent for your children.

We arrived at the blacktop and found her classroom's designated line where the teachers meet each class before they head into the classroom. Summer was pretty much attached to me at the hip at this point. She was nervous but excited. She said her tummy felt "all mixed up".

Her first meeting with her new teacher. She is a lucky little girl to have this amazing first grade teacher.  I am so happy to know she is in good hands.

I am happy to report that she was all smiles when I picked her up from school today. I waited with Forrest outside her classroom after school. Forrest jumped into Summer's arms and yelled, "I missed you, sissy!" She said she had a great day. I think there are a lot more great days ahead of her. First grade is a magical year in my opinion. The best. I am so excited for Summer.