Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kids' Bathroom

With 2009 nearing its final pages of the book, I'm gearing up to tackle some projects around our home through the new year. For those of you who haven't been to our home, you probably would not know that there is always a project going on. I absolutely love doing home projects. I'm inspired to do so much, with so little time. While our home is modest, what sold us to sign the closing papers when we bought this house almost five years ago was the location itself. The house backs to miles of wilderness, all protected by the Town Creek River. We knew it was the perfect place to raise our children, a place where they can explore. Our home is a spec house, meaning there usually aren't any customs. These little fancy things are not high on our priority list. When we first moved into our home, we were given a blank canvas to work with. For starters, one of the first projects we did was the kids' bathroom. It is between the kids' bedrooms and is a very nice size to work with, considering for a non-master bathroom. The builders put in carpet in the sink area and vinyl in the tub area. I could not stand the carpet anymore. The carpet would get soaked every time the kids got out of the tub. I could only find one "before" picture of the kids' bathroom, showing the vinyl flooring (Forrest getting ready for his bath). We included Summer in this project as much as we could. Summer, the so-called tile queen, had fun picking out the white spacers after the tiles were dry and settled. Now I love that everything has a place. We tiled the entire bathroom floor, wainscoted the tub area, changed the hardware, replaced the light fixture, and painted the walls a subtle gray/purple color with white trim. I love white and cream colors, but with this being a kids' bathroom, I added some splash of color. I am amazed what little changes can do to transform a room on a small budget. Here is to 2010 with a long list of projects waiting my attention and hopefully I can get some done before the year passes by too quickly.