Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Love just isn't a strong enough word for the way I feel about these two. I am so blessed to have these 2 calling me mommy. They're growing up faster than I would like. I literally sometimes feel a panic come over me that it's all just going by too quickly. Things have changed a lot in the past year. They're getting older and are at school longer and have activities. Gone are the days of me just hanging out at home with my babies. I miss that A LOT. Nighttimes are filled with gymnastics, swimming and homework assignments. I used to be able to just play with them all day and then I could write about it here on this blog. I've been terrible at baby books and so this blog is where I can log my memories of my kids at all of the different stages they have been in. I still get to play with them but finding the time to write about it is getting more and more scarce. I think of all of the things I love about them daily and don't want to forget. Today I decided to write my top 4 favorite things about the Schultz kids right now. I could just bottle them up right now just as they are. They make me happy and I love them more than they'll ever know.
Summer and Forrest - my hope is that one day when you're older you'll read my words and know that your mom loved and adored you - from the beginning.

Top 4 things I'm loving about you right now:
~I LOVE your imagination. It's incredibly amazing. Whenever you see something in the recycling bin that can be changed into a toy you go for it. You made a shield from a pizza cardboard box that was left in the bin last week. I never stop you from digging out the recycling bin even if it means hoarding all of the toilet paper rolls.
~I love how you spot me walking to the crosswalk at school and then you run to me as fast as you can. It's our routine. We get about 20 minutes of time just the two of us while we wait for Summer's turn for pick up. It's my highlight too.
~I love how you get so excited about how you're growing up. You often yell to me to watch you ride your bike and make sure that I am watching you doing some cool tricks on the driveway.
~I love how you always like to play with my shirt while I'm brushing your teeth every morning and night. As silly as this may be but you love it and how can I say no to that? You're fascinated with the buttons and zippers and it's just too cute.

Top 4 things I'm loving about you right now:
~I love your sweet notes you leave me all over the house - it's pretty cute. No matter how small or big, I keep each one of them in a box.
~I love how you pretend to limp around the house with your makeshift crutches (a small broom and a tree branch) and play doctor. You never tire of it.
~I love how before bed every night you ask, "mama, massage my back, please?" You always get so excited and say, "Yay!" when I say yes.
~I love how much you love to read. Every time you find me reading in my room, you always hop into bed with me with your book. Right now you love to read "The Magic Tree House" chapter books and can read the whole book in one night.