Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Morning

The kids were so adorable when they woke us up to go downstairs on Easter morning. They were in their Easter jammies and I couldn't get over their cuteness. The carrots and water they left for the Easter Bunny were gone. He really had been at our house! The baskets were super simple and the kids LOVED them. The big hit was each got their own roll of patterned duct tape. Very exciting. Summer left a note by her basket before going to bed with instructions that she did NOT want any bubbles (she thinks it's for little kids). So Forrest did get bubbles and Summer did not. Phew! Foil wrapped chocolate, a few bouncy balls, watercolor paint set and stickers and the kids were thrilled. We had the egg hunt in our backyard. It is so darn cute watching them. I got them little green felt baskets a few years back for our egg hunt and now it's a tradition. They love those little things. It was such a simple and fun morning. Happy Easter!