Monday, December 3, 2012

Too Quiet

When the house gets too quiet, I know something is up. I went upstairs looking for the kids and found both of them sitting on the couch, snuggled next to each other. I had started to take out the Christmas books from our holiday boxes to put them on the table in the playroom and then got distracted. My sweet Summer and Forrest couldn't wait any longer. My camera was on the desk nearby and I just snapped this one of them together.
If one of them is sad and feels like I'm not giving the attention they need because I'm dealing with the other child, they say, "Mom, stop what you're doing. I need some love and attention". How could I not respond to that? It stops me in my tracks every time. I sometimes feel torn with two little ones constantly needing me and all I can do is pray that I'm giving each of them what they need.
Summer and Forrest, when you read this someday...
I hope you'll know that you have ALWAYS been sooo loved.
I love YOU.
p.s. Summer was concerned about the girl with a broken arm in the picture and wanted to show it to me.
I love her heart.
p.s.s. Thank you to my dear friend Kelly Mercer for designing my blog header. To say that I love it would be an understatement.