Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

i have an amazing dad. really, i love him more than anything. my hope when i was young was that someday i would be able to find someone like my dad to marry. i wanted to give my children the gift that my dad was to me. well, it took a few years but when david and i met, not only did i fall in love, but i knew i had found someone like my dad.

the kids both love their daddy so much. their little eyes light up whenever he comes into the room. the sweetest thing to see is how his eyes light up just as much when he sees them. forrest completely loves his daddy. i think his favorite sound in the world is the garage door. this sound means daddy is home. whenever he hears it he lights up and starts running towards the garage door while screaming, "daddy is home!" his little legs can't get to him fast enough. summer has a serious crush on her daddy too. i sat her down last week and asked her a few questions about her daddy. here is how our conversation went... in summer's words.

how old is daddy? he is 37 years old
how much does daddy weigh? he weighs 130 pounds
what is daddy's favorite food? pizza
what does daddy smell like? a prince (i would have to agree on this one. he always smells so good.)
where do you like to go with daddy? library and honeybees (frozen yogurt place)
what is your favorite thing to do with daddy? play with him at the pool
how does daddy make you happy? he tickles me and flips me over
how much do you love daddy? so much the world
name a few of your favorite things about daddy:
he takes me biking around the neighborhood by myself
he loves me
he makes me feel happy
daddy gives the best hugs
he makes me happy when its morning time and cooks me cereal

happy father's day to the two most amazing fathers i know... my own father and to my david.
i love you both... so much the world.