Friday, June 15, 2012

Go Barracudas! ~Summer~

Summer and Forrest love being in the water. It was a natural decision to put them on a swim team. Every afternoon for an hour they jump into the pool for swim practice. This is Summer's second year on the same swim team. I don't know what summer loves more, diving into the water or swimming to the finish. She takes great pride in her dives. Summer works very hard in the pool. I believe this will serve her well in life when she grows up. Summer has the best swim coaches. I love being able to sit and watch during practice and hearing to all they will be learning this summer and I kept thinking how grateful I am that she was put in this particular swim team. That's a big deal for us. I can now see why Summer hops in the car each day with a big smile on her face. That little face she is making in the first picture is such a "Summer face" with her crooked front tooth. I love it. A total keeper.