Friday, June 15, 2012

Go Barracudas! ~Forrest~

Forrest is making huge waves this summer. In february he could hardly do a freestyle. Now he can master all four strokes. We really do have the best swim coaches. I am not sure what Forrest loves more - swimming or snacking. I think however that the first picture says it all. I love being able to go to all of their swim meets even though they are just plain chaos. This past Wednesday was their first swim meet so I made sure I had my camera. It was pretty much a crazy evening for me sitting on the tiny fold up chair by the pool with Summer wanting to do this and that, Forrest who constantly was complaining of being hungry only to completely devour the entire contents of the cooler just as they were calling them to get on the diving board and I must not forget the spilled family-size bag of veggie sticks in the broad daylight compliments of a Schultz kid who shall remain unnamed. To sum it up, we were a mess. With all the craziness however once the kids had their turns on the diving board they were in heaven. Both of them beamed. Sadly I did not get a photo of both of them together. I will have to try again at the next meet. Now you can see why I put up with all of the "crazy". It is totally worth it.