Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stairs Makeover

I was with my friend Sharon one day and was admiring some pretty hardwood stairs in a model house near our home. I wanted them for my home but I knew the price of hiring someone to do the job was crazy expensive. David then said, "You know - I know how to do it." That was all I needed. I said, "Sign me up!" All I had to do was find some things in the garage that we could work with. Removing the carpet was easy. Over the next few weeks I did my homework, filling in the holes with wood filler and sanding and then told David I was ready. We stained all the wooden steps in 30 minutes, it was that easy! David stained them two more times to get the dark shade we wanted. I then painted the risers in a semi gloss white paint. David removed the old stain off the railings and used the same stain. It all ties together. The beautiful thing about these steps is that it is indestructible. Summer has already walked up and down in her high heels and Forrest has taken every one of his toy cars, trains and airplanes to its surface. I love pine. The more knots, nooks, and crannies the better. Thank you, David. I love them.