Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catch Up

I am quite behind with my pictures as of late. With school out for Forrest and home all day everyday I seem to not get much done. We've had lots of beach and pool days. This little boy has a BIG personality. He makes me laugh each and every day. I love this picture of him with his bike helmet on and in his very favorite snoopy shirt. This will always be my image of him as a little boy - a big smile and his bike helmet.
Forrest was teasing me the other day and said, "Mom, someday when I get older I'm going to get my lego car!" He was very serious but I couldn't help but smile because I loved that he added that his car would be made of legos. See, he's funny and I adore him. He is a happy little boy through and through. I can't believe I get to call him mine.
And for the record, how cute is Forrest? A total keeper.