Monday, November 30, 2009

Porch & Deck

We are ecstatic about the newest addition to our home. For the past five years, we've been dreaming of building a place for the kids to create memories. We had a sketch that David created through a software he found online but it was pretty vague and everything was "up in the air" as to what we wanted to see it happen. I had two things on my wish list - a place where we would be bug-free for the majority of the year, and an outdoor flat place for the kids to play on. Our backyard is sloped and there wasn't much play space. We really didn't know what the outcome would be like when we started demo'ing the deck on that cold January day, the first day of construction.
329 days, countless hours of labor and hundreds of lumber later, this is what our dream project looks like. And the best part is that I got my wish list. When David started, I held my breath. I knew it was going to be a very long year. It was a huge sacrifice for the both of us. In a way it has brought our family together closer. There were many days I wanted to wave the white flag and for David to stop drilling. But when I looked at David sweating and so driven into what he was doing, it made my job look so easy.
We could not have done it without wonderful friends. Each one of them brought their own expertise into the project. Sure, it would have been easier (and more expensive) to hire someone to build. But, there's something deep inside of David I see a tremendous amount of pride and ownership that he DID it. He took the plunge and completed it. I see this as an analogy to the many triathlon races he participated since high school. He never gives up and finishes what he starts. I love you, David. Thank you for doing this for our family.