Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where Was I?

I had to share this cute moment I had with Summer over lunch today. Summer wanted to play with my wedding ring. After mingling with it for a few minutes, she looked up with her ever curious face staring straight at me and asked:
Why do you wear a ring?Mommy loves Daddy very much and this ring symbolizes the love we have for each other.
Who gave it to you?Daddy.
Because he loves Mommy.
Who gave daddy his ring?
Because Mommy loves Daddy.
Where was I?
You weren't born.
where was I?
You weren't born..
Where was I?!?
You weren't born...!
Where was I?!?!?!
You weren't born yet. Daddy and I were waiting for you. (She didn't quite understand this). After a few years of being married, we were given you from God. You were a present to us that we prayed for for many years.
Why wasn't I at the wedding?
You weren't born.
(The why's continues...)