Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Day, Hooray!

Summer picked out her outfit by herself, the night before and could not wait to wear her new silver shoes. She was so excited, she said, "Mommy, do not forget my apple to bring to the classroom" (for a class project) when I tucked her in bed. This morning I took our usual spot for first day pictures on the front porch. The kids kept asking, "Is it time to go... is it time to go...??!!" It made me smile and my heart content.
Forrest feels very grown up and just like Summer, going to preschool is a big deal. They get their own preschool book bag to use. I dropped him off and he found four of his friends are in his class. Off to the train table he went and signed a big, "Bye mom!" After picking up the kids, I asked how their first day went and how they liked their teachers. Summer said, "10 thumbs up, mommy" while Forrest held up two big thumbs up with a big smile. So I guess today was a success.
I am so happy that they are happy. That's all you really want as a mom. Such a simple thing but it is amazing how great it is to see your kids with smiles. So, here's to a great school year!