Monday, August 31, 2009

David & Deck

After two months of rest since completing the screened porch, David is motivated to get started on the deck. He accomplished quite a bit this past weekend with cleaning out the sods and putting in four posts, secured with concrete. 20 more posts to go. It doesn't look like he did much from the picture, however I can tell you he is making great progress. We spend almost all of our meals and play time in the porch. It is such a wonderful place for the many memories to come. While David is focused on the deck for the next couple of months, I am having to pick up some outdoor chores such as mowing the grass. Coming from a family who has always hired someone to mow, this was quite a fun first-time experience. I would not mind doing it again, as long as David doesn't mind the missed spots. To keep the kids at bay, I put them in the fort and they have fun directing me where I need to go.