Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer's Special Day

When I asked Summer what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted to go see a movie at a theater, which she had never been to. Since the movie, "Ice Age", was coming out that weekend in open-captioned, it was the perfect time to take Summer there. Summer wanted to wear a dress, her only necklace, and of course her signature boots since she said it was raining outside. She was ALL in smiles. It was her very special day. I've never seen her so excited. Before we left, Summer said something I would never forget - "I want to bring something back for Forrest". So sweet. Forrest stayed home with Leigh, our nanny.

We got to Mayfaire a bit early, shopped around a bit before the movie started. Summer loved to do the skipping part where Daddy and I held on to her hands and swing her back and forth. When we arrived at the theater, I told Summer she could pick any candy she wanted. After a long wait, she finally decided on Twizzlers. Get this, Twizzlers are Daddy's all time favorite candy. Summer looked at me with her worried eyes, "But, mommy, that is daddy's favorite candy". I told her, "It's all yours. You don't have to share with Daddy". Oh my. I wished I had a video camera to catch her expression when she said, "All by myself?!"

Summer loved the movie, and did incredibly great for a first time goer! She sat very still for the first hour then got restless. Afterwards, she got to pick where she wanted to go for dinner. She wanted to stay at Mayfaire and specifically wanted mac and cheese with shrimp. Fortunately, Brixx, a pizza restaurant, was able to accommodate her wish. We browsed around a bit more before heading home. Summer held on to her bag of 4 Twizzlers tightly on the way home, kept repeating, "This is for Forrest." I walked in the house to find Forrest, and the first thing he signed "Summer?!" and ran past me to find his big sister. My heart melted. It is so special to see how much they missed each other even for a few hours of being apart. I hope she knows that we loved our time with her. It was a very special day for Summer.

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet Summer, we love you so much!