Monday, July 27, 2009


While we were eating dinner Saturday, Summer asked, "Can we sleep in the tent tonight, please?" David was happy to oblige. After getting the kids ready for bed, they trucked down their blankets, pillows, loveys, and books from their rooms to the screened porch where the tent is set up. The kids could not contain their excitement for camping out.

Trying to go to sleep... Forrest had a hard time adjusting. After an hour of struggling, I moved him to his bed where he went right to sleep within minutes. Summer, a true trooper, slept all night. David stayed in the porch with Summer while I slept in the house to keep an eye on Forrest.

The next morning... Forrest and I woke up to this sweet sight. Summer loved it and asked to do it again. She said she heard a lot of bullfrogs all night, which she found it amusing. I am sure we are in for many more nights of camping.