Thursday, February 14, 2013


Forrest and Summer passed out Valentines in their classes today. Here are Forrest's and Summer's. They are too cute. That really is their profile and they both felt so excited to pass them out to their classmates.
After school today we gave our sweet friends a heart-attack on their door. I have the cutest pictures that I am trying to upload. I'm having a hard time uploading them but will get that figured out in the morning. Forrest had a class party at school that was adorable. We had dinner as a family and got to use our fancy dinner plates for the first time in months. We've been using paper plates during the kitchen renovation, and yes we are STILL renovating. After David got both kids showered, into their jammies for bed and read them a story. That was the best gift EVER! A busy and happy day.
Valentines from here