Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July

As you can imagine, Forrest and Summer were over the moon with excitement when they saw what their Grams had brought them for the Fourth of July. Lots of streamers and pinwheels. All they kept asking me is, "Mom, decorate our scooters?" I couldn't say no to their sweet faces. I think they loved watching the pinwheels spinning each time they rode their scooters. There was a neighborhood Fourth of July parade at the beach house where we stayed last week. The kids got to join the other kids riding their bikes and scooters. It was so cute. We had a fun day. A cook out and lots of swimming with the cousins during the day and a firework show that night from the roof top of the beach house. A busy and happy day.
These Schultz kids have been inseparable this summer. They do EVERYTHING together. I was so happy to capture this photo of them together because this one pretty much sums up what they are. Best friends. Forrest adores Summer. It is really amazing considering how often Summer knocks him around. No one can make Forrest smile like his big sister. There is nothing sweeter watching these two together. Forrest wants to do everything Summer does. He even puts up with Summer's baby dolls, dress-up and princess things. It is quite funny. Summer is protective of her little brother. How blessed they are to have each other. I love you Summer and Forrest and I love that I get to be your mama.
p.s. I can't get over the cuteness of Summer's missing front tooth.