Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My Forrest is REALLY into legos right now. He loves being creative. Every time he sees a picture of something he likes, he will say with determination, "Mama, I'm going to build that with my legos when I get home". I took these pictures of him yesterday afternoon when we got home from preschool. It is the littlest things I love about this boy. The expression on his face whenever he's serious. The way he sits on his little chair, with his feet hanging out on the side. The way his face brightens up when he finishes putting something together. These are the things I want to document and never forget.

Forrest is always carrying a lego man around these days and of course loves all of the little pieces to put together. All of the little pieces are found in this wicker basket. It happens to not really be a big basket but it is my kitchen basket from when we first moved in this house. It was used as a snack basket in the pantry. I love that it still has lots of little chocolate stains in it from the years of chocolate snacks being in it. It fits forrest's lego collection perfectly inside. Forrest takes it with him everywhere we go. So cute.