Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello Kitty Jammies

About a year ago, Summer and I were running through Walmart and I was in a hurry to check out. While we were standing in line, Summer saw an enormous tacky Hello Kitty display. She promptly begged for the shiny polyester, horribly ugly, Hello Kitty (did I mention polyester?) pink nightgown. I told her no, no and again no. She of all children did not need a new pair of pajamas. I promptly reminded her of all of the adorable pj sets she had at home... The cute toile pajamas with her monogram on them or how about the pink cotton ones with "mommy loves me" on the front? She wasn't having it.  So I hesitantly agreed. It has been a year and those have been her favorite jammies. They got a hole in them and so I gleefully threw them away. Summer saw them in the trash and began to cry. I told her that they were just too small now and that it was time to say good bye. She was so sad, so I told her, "Ok, let's go to the store and you can pick out a replacement pair." Well, yesterday we found a (slightly less tacky... but not much) pair. She wore them to bed last night and was in heaven. She even slept in her princess shoes... I am not kidding. I asked her how much she loved them and she put both of her arms out and said, "This much!" I need to put blinders on her when we go to Walmart from now on. Heaven help me if I ever bring home the matching trash can and drapery set!