Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty Things

I am a sucker for all things pretty. While at Trader Joe's last week I walked past the flower stand. These hydrangeas were out and I knew I had to get them. I knew where I could put them. Having fresh flowers in our home is something I have always done. I go about every other week and it makes such a difference. I don't spend much either. A lot of times the "filler" is prettier to me than the flowers. I'll just see what they have and then load up on branches or just plain greens. It's really inexpensive and makes a HUGE difference for me in our home.
I painted our kitchen and the hallway the other week. I couldn't take the green walls any longer. I knew I could change the color to make the room feel brighter and I was right. I asked David to watch the kids one weekend and got out my paint brushes. When I get my mind set on something I just have to do it right then. I bought three frames for the long hallway wall. I found some pictures I love on etsy and am starting to save up so I can buy them. They're perfect. The best part though is how much we love the color especially early in the mornings. It makes me happy now just to go downstairs towards the kitchen.
The hydrangeas made it home and I love how pretty they look in our kitchen nook. Our home is small and so I have to make every room multifunctional. I got the large jar out this weekend and the kids were fascinated by it. They loved how when the sun came in the window it got "sparkly". They were also fascinated that the jar is made out of recycled coke bottles. The best thing for me is that I have noticed my kids starting to be aware of the pretty things around them. I want them to grow up and appreciate the little things around them that are pretty. I think that's important and it's so cute to watch.