Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Party

We had Forrest's party late morning. His friends, Will, Quinn and Elliot came over along with their siblings for some fun play, lunch and cake. Forrest is crazy over cars so we did a car theme party. The bakery did a beautiful job of decorating the cake with a car #2. The day before, Forrest specifically requested cheese puffs as a side for the lunch, he would sign cheese then tries to fingerspell the P letter, so adorable. I was sure to get an extra bag of those faves so I would not run out of them.
Forrest LOVED the attention and had so much fun opening his presents. When he opened each of his presents, he would want to open the boxes and jump into playing with each one. So funny and so, so cute. To end the day, I made his favorite dinner - Annie's mac and cheese, cut up chicken with steamed veggies cut up all mixed up together. He ate the entire bowl and we all shared the last few pieces of the cake.
Before bed, Daddy read him the book "Little Boy". Always keep that little boy inside of you no matter how old you are. Now when we ask Forrest how old is he, he would say TWO and tries to hold his hand up to sign TWO (more like a 4 or 5) and then he would say BLOW for blowing the candles then HOT for candle wick. How sweet are the simple pleasures of a two year old. 
We sure love our little boy, Forrest.