Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cape Cod

(all photos taken with my iPhone)
Back in February I received an invitation to attend one of my best friends' wedding on Cape Cod. Kristi Ann and I became friends when we both attended a private school in Massachusetts during middle school. On the first day of school she and I were in the same class and we were inseparable the whole school year. We went to different high schools and colleges but that didn't stop us. With the kids off from school I thought this would be the perfect summer vacation spot so we left a few days before the wedding. If you've been wanting to visit the island here are some highly recommended places:
If you're lucky like I am to be married to an avid sailor, go to Flyer's Rentals for a day of sailing in the Provincetown Harbor. Guarantee you will see seals.
On the way back to the hotel from Provincetown, we stopped at Moby Dick's for dinner. Hands down the best seafood and kid-friendly place. Then we spotted a drive-in movie in the town of Wellfleet. We watched the movie "Minions" - hilarious. I have memories of my Dad taking me to the drive-in movie theater while we were living in California. I may have missed 99% of the movie conversation without caption but to watch the movie outdoors made it more memorable.
The next day we rented bikes from Dennis Cycle Center. You ride straight out of the shop onto the Cape Cod Rail Trail. We rode a total of 26 miles, it was beautiful and almost all flat. In the middle of the bike ride we took a break and swam in the Seymour Pond.
 Before we knew it the wedding day came. The wedding was absolutely stunning. The wedding was held at a Catholic church on the island and then the reception at the Lighthouse Inn.  A friend of ours brought her nanny so she could babysit her and our kids that evening.
The next morning we packed the car and left the island for the long drive back home.
Cape Cod will always hold a special place in our hearts.