Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Day

We had a very fun snow day at home. The kids were hoping for lots of snow to build a snowman but when they woke up the next morning all they saw was ice with a dust of snow. They were very disappointed. Then I realized the little hill in our backyard would make a perfect bunny slope and suggested to Summer and Forrest to take out their boogie boards to test it out. It worked!

The kids sledded with their boards most of the day. With no school for a few days this was the best entertainment ever. I was in the kitchen making hot cocoas and brownies while David spent the day teaching the kids all the ins and outs of sledding and snowboarding. The kids figured out how to stand on their boards to snowboard. This was a fun day for David with the kids getting some things he could actually relate to! They're not babies anymore and I am loving watching their personalities develop. I want to freeze them just like this forever.