Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning

Santa Claus found the Schultz kids once again. I came downstairs and took these pictures just before the kids got to see their treasures. The kids each got the pillow pets they wanted so much. Summer's the Cozy Cow. Forrest's is the Snuggly Puppy. Forrest got Legos and Summer got American Girl crafts. They also got lots of books. For weeks Summer had been asking for the Sports Collection of the Rainbow Magic Fairies books. Forrest's favorite character is Dusty from the movie Planes and favorite chapter books are the Magic Tree House so Santa got him these books. Each got their own duffle bag, Summer's the horse and Forrest's the dinosaur. All the gifts were fun but I'd have to say that the gifts they loved the most were their little pillow pets. They've been carrying them around everywhere they go. They're so soft! This is one of my favorite pictures of the morning:

...the kids first realization that Santa really did make it to our home. Each of them are looking directly where their gifts were. No guessing or names on anything was needed. They each knew right where to run. A few weeks ago the kids wrote a letter to Santa asking him NOT to wrap their gifts because they "wanted to save trees". I could not agree more. As much fun as they had, I must admit, it's waaay more fun being the parent.