Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simple Pleasures

I have always disliked our bed in our master bedroom since the day it first arrived years ago. I tried to return it for weeks but they said no - they would only allow a 20% discount but the answer was still, no. Nice. It was really ugly. I put up with it for too many years and then I came up with a plan. We didn't "need" a new bed and so I felt frivolous getting another one. I then proposed to David if I sold the one we had and made the rest of the money myself I could then get a new one. One that I really liked. My old bed sold in one day on Craigslist. The rest of the money I came up by selling other random things on Craigslist. David even threw in a few things he didn't use anymore to add to my "frivolous bed frame fund". Just before Fall arrived last year and timed perfectly with a coupon for Pottery Barn, I had enough money to buy our new bed. I fell in love with the Caroline Bed when I first saw it in the PB catalog. It has an off white antiqued, distressed look that I was going for. I love how this sits high on the frame. It is everything I wanted.
The room is definitely not finished. The picture frames are still not hung. I am on the hunt to find the perfect night tables... hopefully at one of my favorite consignment shops. I am a sucker for "all things pretty". How can a piece of furniture make me so happy? I love it and my Summer does too. Any time anyone stops by, she asks them if they wanted to see, "Mommy's new bed because it is soo beautiful!" I have trained her well.