Friday, November 9, 2012

The Kitchen Reno

Here I am. In my own kitchen. Don't mind me taking this picture, I'm taking a break from using the garage sink washing dishes because we haven't had a kitchen for a month. We are only doing construction on the weekends because... well, let's say it's the only time we can be home.
Our house projects are in full swing. These things take time and prep! I've been running around like a crazy person comparing flooring, subway tile, and pieces of quartz. If you don't want to read about our house projects and decor, I suggest you stop reading this blog.
When David and I first married 11 years ago, we set a goal to have a little piece of North Carolina to call home. We saved. And we saved. And we saved some more. After looking, waiting and saying many prayers... we did it! And after 8 years of home ownership, we still feel so blessed. When we first saw this home, we fell in love with the location. The lot our house sits on is just under an acre and backs up to the woods. We love that our children have a safe place to play and run and explore. It reminds us of our own childhood homes we grew up in. What we did not love was the interior of the house. We knew down the road we would be able to make these changes. We took our time putting our two heads together, figuring out what was working for us and what was not working for us.
We're starting at the heart of the home. The kitchen. Our small kitchen lacks some serious storage. We ordered cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling and lots of drawers. Things are coming along swimmingly. We just need to install the flooring, assemble and install the cabinets, paint, new lighting and order a couple of stools. Then... bam! We'll have a brand spankin' new kitchen. I can't wait to show all the "befores"... and obviously, I have a lot planned for the "afters".