Saturday, October 27, 2012


On October 1st, Summer and Forrest started begging that we get our halloween decorations out. It's such a big deal to them that it makes it worth it for me. The kids think it's so fun to get all the decorations out and put them in the "correct spots". Forrest is loving the Halloween tree. The ornaments are taken off and on 100 x's a day. It's on our coffee table and that doesn't stop him. I found the pumpkin lanterns at the target dollar section and had David help me hang them up. At night when we turn the dining room lights on they light up. It's pretty cute to see how something so simple can be soo fun for the kids.
The trick or treat sign is new. I got them at etsy of all places. The sign didn't have holes for hanging on the front door wreath but I knew if I had David drill holes in them and use jute rope I could make it work.
As for Halloween... we are super excited. Our theme is "red" this year and I can't wait to dress my kids up...