Monday, January 10, 2011

Summer and Forrest

David and I spent Saturday morning helping Summer with her science project for school. Her teacher gave a list of arctic animals to choose from. She has to draw and write on a poster about one animal with some of her favorite facts. After reviewing the list and quick surfing on the Internet, Summer decided to study puffins.
She said, "They are the cutest thing."
David forgot to set my camera's settings before taking this picture then it was too late. My camera is set on the manual mode. The picture is way over exposed but I am thankful David at least got something. I love this picture. Both Forrest and Summer still in their jammies (i know Christmas is over but I could not resist packing these away). You can see Summer explaining to Forrest with her hands the exact way puffins are like. Summer was just as descriptive as she could be with feathers in her hands (she even put feathers in her hair clip) while Forrest admiring his big sister.
These two are the cutest things in my life. I  you, Summer and Forrest.